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BT Openreach are switching off all of their analogue and ISDN lines across the BT public switched telephone network (PSTN)

What is switch-off?

What is this upgrade about?

This program involves complete upgrade and modernisation of the UK telecommunications network infrastructure with the national network converting to Internet protocol (IP) technology. This means that all your telephone calls will be placed across the broadband network, and will include significant upgrades to outdated broadband services that are long overdue.

What does switch-off represent?

What does this upgrade represent?

The upgrade program represents the most significant technological advancement in telecommunications in over 60 years. It also represents a massive infrastructure upgrade of over 16 million telephone lines of which 1 million have already been upgraded to IP/SIP technology. That leaves 15 million to be upgraded. This represents 250,000-line disconnections and upgrades per month throughout the UK.

What are my next steps?

What are the next steps for my business?

This Switch off will require businesses and residences to move all its voice networks to VoIP (Voice over IP). The main difference between antiquated legacy tools and VoIP is that this last one does not run over PSTN lines, making them and line rental unnecessary. The only requirement in order to start using your VoIP system is to have an active internet connection.

How can Digitel help you?

How can Digitel help my business?

At Digitel we offer a cloud telephone solution, Temovi, which enables businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently anywhere any time on any communications device; desk phone, mobile phone, notepad, laptop and personal computer.

Temovi will also provide the following benefits:

Temovi Cloud Communications.

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Our cloud telephone system meets the needs of any small and medium-sized business, providing all the features organisations need plus unified communications.