Control and manage all your calls in real time

Control and manage all your calls in real time

Enhance customer service with Cloud Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Center enables agents to get calls answered quickly, deliver great service and move on to the next call or task. Our call management tool helps businesses manage incoming call volumes (with agent groups and announcements) across multiple employees, even multiple locations. Instantly see call volume, gracefully manage traffic spikes and measure employee productivity. Whether a business is growing rapidly or aggressively managing costs, Cloud Contact Center delivers the tools to track who is doing what, when and how well. Exceed your customer expectations by managing what's happening right now and spot longer term trends that drive cost and profitability.

Why Temovi Cloud Contact Centre?

More flexibility for a better control

More flexibility for a better control Temovi Cloud Contact Center gives supervisors direct control over their agents, campaigns and contact center options. Supervisors can make changes in real-time, meaning that the Contact Center's rules can be instantly updated to respond to dynamic business requirements. Easily modify routing rules, voice greetings, time-of-day functions, IVRs, and moreā€”all without having to rely on I.T.

More flexibility for a better control
Accessible from anywhere

Accessible from anywhere Access Cloud Contact Center from virtually any PC or Mac using just a web browser. Temovi allows you to manage the dynamic changes in your contact center from anywhere. Check the work-flow of your team by accessing real-time analytics and dashboards from your mobile device. Instantly scale agents to meet customer demands and change advanced routing rules and IVRs, all from your web management portal.

Wide-range Contact Center features

Wide-range Contact Centre features Control the access levels for all administrators and agents, create a customized dialer strategy, specific campaigns or queue script, set notifications, enable list and lead management, search and listen to any call, and allocate and move agents between campaigns or priorities.

Wide-range Contact Center features
Efficiency with real-time dashboard and reporting

Efficiency with real-time dashboard and reporting Track your customer activity and your team's performance with real-time data and reports. Real-time statistics delivered via the Cloud Contact Center wallboard help keep agents motivated and supervisors informed. Be in control over your agents work-flow, active calls, waiting calls, average of waiting time and more. Use all these data to improve your call center and agents' performance.

Reduce agent training time

Reduce agent training time As the frontline customer interface in any contact center, it's important that agents are supported by easy-to-use, reliable technology that makes their jobs easier and their time more productive. Temovi Cloud Contact Centre's intuitive user interface is a single toolbar that integrates into other business critical applications making the training in weeks, not months.

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