Your business demands strong security

Your business demands strong security

Easily enhance the security of your communications with Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a compelling way to add an extra level of security, requiring a user to have a physical element (such as a phone), in addition to their username and password. This additional step prevents unauthorized access.

Temovi Secure – Two Factor Authentication eliminates the barriers to adoption, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective cloud-based solution that is easily integrated into web sites and mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Facts about Online Security

Global Consumers

40% of global consumers experienced a security incident in 2015, often due to a stolen password.

Protected Sites

The average user visits 25 password protected sites, but uses only 6 passwords.


73% of people reuse the same password across multiple sites, 33% reuse it in EVERY site.

Online Consumers

68% of global consumers say they want online companies to provide an extra layer of security.

Add extra security with Two-Factor Authentication

Temovi Secure-2FA leverages a rich set of Temovi APIs provided in Web, iOS and Android SDKs; simplifying the integration of two factor authentication for any application in an affordable pay-per-transaction model.

Secure-2FA provides several Application-to-Person (A2P) mechanisms to deliver a one-time-passcode (OTP). The passcode is delivered to the user's device and subsequently entered into the application to confirm the user's identity (entry can be automated, depending on the mechanism). Mechanisms include:

Flash Call

A phone call is placed with the authentication code embedded in the Caller ID information sent to the user's phone. The user doesn't need to answer the call so there is no cost associated with the call (nor the cost of a text/SMS). The user retrieves the code from the Caller ID and enters the code into the application (on Android devices, the application can retrieve the code automatically, without user intervention).


A text message is delivered to the user with an authentication code to enter into the application (on Android devices the application can retrieve the code automatically, without user intervention).

IVR Call

A call is sent to the user's phone with an automatic voice message that includes the code. This method is typically used to enable land lines or legacy feature phones (non-smartphones) to act as authentication devices.

Two Factor Authentication on mobile

Enhance the security of your mobile and web-based applications Using two factors of the same category doesn’t make it 2FA. Within this article we explain in detail the different factor categories you should consider to create your factor authentication for your business online security.

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Secure your systems with two factor authentication!

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