Unify all your messaging

Unify all your messaging

Integrate all your messaging; voice, text and fax messages

Temovi Unified communications enables you to integrate and deliver different messaging services through a single platform, combining email, fax, voicemail and instant messaging together. Temovi user can access to their messaging through a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets.

Temovi takes a message for you

Unified Messaging Voicemail

Easy to manage Temovi Cloud offers voicemail as well as fax messaging from one number; making it easy to stay focused on the task at hand. Temovi Cloud offers far more than just traditional touch-tone commands; a web portal, email and mobile access (optional) make it easy to re-connect. Optional transcription (voice to text) makes it easy to read and respond to messages without ever picking up the phone.

Unified Messaging Fax

Fax as a separate serviceSend a fax to any device and receive a fax as an email. Gain the ability to save a fax message on a server and forward the fax to somebody else or a group of people. You can also deliver the fax straight to the individual with no need of a fax machine.

Unified Messaging Fax

Unify your voicemail and fax services

Voicemail to email

Access your voicemail through email. Enable voicemail notifications to your smartphone or desktop. Prioritise, quickly check and select your voicemails.

Smartphone Faxes

Send and receive faxes from your mobile phone or desktop anywhere, anytime, without a fax machine. Get faxes straight to your email from any device.

Unified Messaging goes anywhere!

See how it works for your business

An account manager will contact you for a personalised informative session on the key features and benefits of a Temovi cloud phone system.

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