Group Calling Centre

Group Calling Centre

Improve customer service and enhance agent efficiency

Calling Centre is the entry-level for Temovi Contact Centre. Even the smallest team can have challenges managing incoming calls, especially when volumes climb during holidays, peak times of the day or one-time events. Temovi has group services that help employees work together to spread the load and assure calls are being answered in a timely manner.

Temovi delivers several options for basic call handling and queuing:

Hunt Groups

Designed to solve simple group calling needs for customers with low incoming call rates and few operators.

UCD Groups

Queueing solution that addresses more complex needs including options to queue callers until someone frees up.

Advanced UCD

A virtual wallboard (via web browser) adds live reporting to UCD allowing tracking of real-time call activity.

Group Calling Centre

A powerful solution to manage more calls

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution Temovi Call Centre is a cost-effective automatic call distribution (acd) solution that allows supervisors and agents to easily manage multiple queues without having to be together in a physical location; giving organisations the ability to route calls to the right resource regardless of where they are, leading to a customer experience.

Group Calling Centre - For enterprising companies.

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