Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre

Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre

A powerful Cloud Contact Centre

Temovi also provides an omnichannel capabilities solution cloud contact centre where agents can focus on customers and supervisors can manage people, not systems. With the Enterprise contact centre organisations don't have to invest thousands in complex infrastructure that quickly becomes obsolete. Always have the latest tools and pay only for what you use.

One Screen Agent Experience

Telephone calls, website chats, emails, SMS (text) and social media are all potential channels for customers to connect with your organisation. The Temovi Business Solutions Cloud Contact Centre makes it possible to harmonise these diverse paths, routing interactions to the right agents with the right priority level.

Agents have a single view of a customer's past interactions regardless of how they last connected. Agents can seamlessly move from an inbound interaction to an outbound interaction, without changing screens.

Everyone in the organisation "speaks with one voice", even if that response is a text message or an outbound call.

What Temovi Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre can offer?

Skills-Based Routing Skills-based routing decreases engagement times and increases customer satisfaction connecting the customers to the right agent the first time they call.

Call Routing Temovi Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre delivers menu-driven call routing, queue announcements, and sophisticated queue overflow treatments to expedite calls as well as handle peak agent demand.

Text (SMS) Routing Text messaging (SMS) has become a critical path for customer communications, especially among younger demographics. Temovi Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre makes sure that these messages are routed with the same care and efficiency as any other contact medium.

Social Media Routing Customers have a powerful voice via social media but if that dialogue is not managed properly it can have dire consequences. Temovi Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre allows organisations to monitor Facebook posts (status updates, direct messages, and comments) and Twitter feeds (keywords, hashtags, and mentions). By prioritizing and routing messages organisations can assure a timely response.

IM/Web Chat Routing Some organisations are already seeing web chats eclipse live call volume. Prospects and customers don’t expect to wait to chat. Temovi Enterprise Contact Centre can balance real-time chats and calls, making the best use of available staff.

Inbound and Outbound Agents can easily move from inbound to outbound interactions on a call by call basis. The agent experience is seamless.

Email Routing Customer expectations for email inquiries have changed dramatically; volumes continue to increase along with expectations for speed of response. Temovi Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre allows supervisors to monitor and manage email queues in combination with other work streams, assuring appropriate priority and timely.

Mobile Engagement Organisations can stay engaged with end customers that choose to connect via a mobile device. Use APIs to embed services into an existing mobile app or connect via mobile text or web. Temovi Cloud Contact Centre is mobile ready, enabling agents and supervisors to manage these engagements just like incoming phone calls.

Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre Schematic Enterprise Cloud Contact Centre Schematic

Why our customers choose Cloud Contact Centre

CAPEX Avoidance.

CAPEX Avoidance

Temovi Contact Centre Solution eliminates up-front infrastructure expenditures and back-end infrastructure obsolescence by delivering an OPEX-based cloud service that is continually updated with market leading capabilities.

Elasticity management.

Elasticity Management

Temovi Contact Centre Solution offers the elasticity businesses need for seasonal traffic fluctuations or campaign peaks; ramp-up and ramp-down additional agents as needed. Organisations pay only for the capacity they need now.

Manage Cost.

Cost Savings

Our Cloud Contact Centre lowers operating and maintenance costs:

  • No need for dedicated IT staff to manage and maintain the Contact Center solution
  • No massive upgrade fees
  • No hardware maintenance
  • Updated software assures maximum agent productivity
Immediate ROI.

Immediate ROI

Temovi Contact Centre's pay-as-you-go model and minimal upfront costs allows call centres to grow organically without having to spend for future capacity. This allows business managers to closely manage expense to revenue – accelerating ROI.

Put Cloud Contact Centre in your office!

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